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3D Model Published

  • StereoPi v2 3D model

In today’s short Friday update, we’d like to share our 3D model for StereoPi v2. If you are designing your own enclosure—or trying to guess whether or not this new version will fit your robot—here you go! We’ve exported everything to the STEP format and put it up on our wiki.


CM4 3D model

To avoid overloading the model with unnecessary details, we included a simplified version of the Compute Module 4. If you need more detail, you can download full 3D models of the CM4 and the CM4 Lite.

StereoPi v2 TurtleBot

The above image shows Turtlebot3 with StereoPi v2 installed.

(Credits for this design goes to Keegan Neave)

You can find the StereoPi v2 STEP files on our Wiki, in the StereoPi v2 mechanics section.

Happy making!

P.S.: Did you notice that our campaign is already 68% funded? Thank you!