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StereoPi animation
Synchronizing the photos of two StereoPi boards
realizator | 07 October 2020

  You may ask "Why do I need to use a bunch of the StereoPi?" Well, we got a set of requests from our customers, who need to take a lot of images at once. …

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StereoPi USB gadget (RNDIS device)
StereoPi used as USB device
realizator | 23 March 2020

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module powering the StereoPi has the ability to operate as an USB device thanks to an USB-OTG hardware within the processor. This…

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StereoPi Python C++
OpenCV: comparing the speed of C++ and Python code on the Raspberry Pi for stereo vision
realizator | 05 February 2020

You often hear that Python is too slow for computer vision, especially when it comes to single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. Python is very simple and…

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Macro stereoscopic image with StereoPi
Macro 3D photo with the StereoPi
Editor | 24 December 2019

This is our third article in The Art of Stereoscopic Photo series (part 1, part 2). In it, you will learn how to take stereoscopic photographs of small objects…

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Oculus go experiment
DIY VR headset for the StereoPi. 10 ms latency for just $135
Editor | 19 October 2019

A friend of mine does psychological research in the field of human perception. He was impressed by our experiment with Oculus Go, and wanted to use this…

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A robot on StereoPi - fisheye cameras
A robot on StereoPi, part 1: fisheye cameras
Editor | 29 July 2019

The goal of this series of articles is to create a compact indoor robot that can navigate using stereo vision. As a platform for it, we’ll use a small Dagu RP5…

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The Art of Stereoscopic Photo
The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo, part 2
Editor | 13 June 2019

Introduction In the previous article we reviewed the main rules and principles that allow you to get high-quality stereo photographs. In this article we will…

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StereoPi Skybox on Oculus Go
Hacking Skybox on Oculus Go for StereoPi live streaming
Editor | 16 May 2019

I’ll skip a lengthy intro and go straight to the point. So, I have a stereo camera capable of outputting H264 video over different protocols, and I have an…

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The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo
The Art Of Stereoscopic Photo
Editor | 10 May 2019

With the StereoPi, you can enter the world of stereoscopic photography! The art of stereoscopic photography actually began in the 18th century and the…

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Open CV and Depth map
OpenCV and Depth Map on StereoPi tutorial
Editor | 05 April 2019

UPD> We have updated version of this article, including C++ code, here:OpenCV: comparing the speed of C++ and Python code on the Raspberry Pi for stereo…

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360 panorama with StereoPi
Stitching 360 panorama with Raspberry Pi CM3, StereoPi and two fisheye cameras. Step-by-step guide.
Editor | 14 December 2018

In this article we will continue our experiments with the StereoPi stereoscopic camera based on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. This time, we will create a…

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StereoPi ROS depth map test
ROS: a simple depth map using Raspberry Pi
realizator | 29 November 2018

If you use ROS when creating robots, then you probably know that it supports utilization of stereo cameras. For example, you can create a depth map of the…

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StereoPi Oculus Go experiment
You from 3rd person view: StereoPi + Oculus Go
realizator | 25 November 2018

My friend showed me some screenshots to clarify what it should look like:   After several days to compile mechanical parts and write some code for video…

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