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Factory prototypes passed all tests

As we mentioned in our previous update, 3 weeks ago we started first step for preparing production at chosen factory. Now we are glad to inform you that first step is successfully complete!

    • 20 prototypes
    • 20 prototypes 2

    During these 3 weeks these things happened:

    • During first week factory started PCB manufacturing and begun components bought.
    • During second week components was mounted on equipment, which will be used for batch production. At this step all components were mounted except some connectors. We received some photos at this stage.
    • On the second week all components needed for tests also arrived at factory (Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite and 2 cameras).

    • For all 20 pieces factory performed all tests, and all 20 pieces have passed them successfully! If you’re curious, for the tests our team created MicroSD Raspbian image with auto-started self-tests.

    With every StereoPi factory do the next things:

    1. Insert MicroSD with test software
    2. Insert Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Lite
    3. Connect two cameras
    4. Connect Ethernet cable from StereoPi to router
    5. Connect HDMI monitor
    6. Connect USB device
    7. Turn power on

    Script runs on start checks all things like camera modules, USB, Ethernet. If every subtest was successful script shows “green” result. So we obtained “green” for all 20 pieces.

    • All these 20 pieces have been packed and sent to us. We plan to receive it on the next week. Here’s the photo of final sample and batch packed in a box:

    20 prototypes


    20 prototypes in a box

    The last thing we plan to do is to make aggressive tests in our lab. If aggressive tests will not show any things needed to be patched, then it means we have approved hardware design and ready to press “start” button for production right after successfully crowdfunding. We do our best now to start crowdfunding campaign in the nearest few weeks!