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OK! The StereoPi campaign is now live!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the StereoPi campaign!

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Let me start with a small secret. To tell the truth, this board was originally developed as an internal tool for our team. We imagined it as some kind of “secret weapon” or “Jedi lightsaber” which would save us time and money on our own projects.

But it wouldn’t be fair to keep such an interesting and powerful tool to ourselves! Others need a fighting chance, too. :) So, we decided to open it up and now we’re glad to share it in the hope you will obtain all the benefits we have. Meet StereoPi — a hacker-friendly, easy-to-use, affordable tool for all 3D-video-related projects. Be sure to check out the main StereoPi project page for all the details.

Eugene and the StereoPi team