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Introducing brand new AnyCase Kit!

10 minutes, and you have a case for any of your experiments!

  • StereoPi AnyCase

Quick prototyping is a must. As a maker you must know, that sometimes some minor inconvenience (like lack of appropriate bolts and nuts) leads to the huge time lost.

That’s why we developed this useful kit for a very quick prototyping. With the AnyCase kit you can assemble your setup for just 10 minutes, before you go to your 3D printer or laser cut machine.

Let’s review a problems makers faced with in their experiments, and a features of AnyCase for each case.

At the very beginning you don’t know, which stereobase you will choose.

StereoPi AnyCase kit content

Are you need 65 mm or 200 mm? You can just suggest, but you will know only when you try. That’s why we added 4 different mount plates with the wide range of stereobases:

  • 25 mm - for macro 3D photo and short-range computer vision
  • 65 mm - it's a classic, no comments
  • 120 mm - for mid-range stereoscopic photo and indoor robots
  • 200 mm - long-range stereoscopic photo and outdoor robotics

So you can choose your size easy.

360 spherical video and photo

AnyCase 360 setup

You can mention, that our 120 mm stereobase plate has some additional holes. They are intended for 360 degree, or “back-to-back” cameras setup, and mounting StereoPi board at the side of this plate. In this case you have vertical assembly.

Assembly time

AnyCase nylon spacer kit

With the M2 spacers kit included you’ll spend about 10 minutes for your assembly. And if you decide to change stereobase, you need another 5 minutes to replace camera mount plate. So time is playing on your side! By the way, did you know that both StereoPi and Raspberry Pi cameras have the same M2 mounting holes?

You need to shorten/enlarge/bend your camera ribbon.

AnyCase camera ribbon cables set

When your stereobase differs from the classic 65 mm, you need to bend your camera ribbons. You can also need shorter or longer ribbons. In this case you’re afraid to damage your ribbon.

That’s why we’ve added 12 camera ribbons!

  • 4 pcs of 5cm ribbons
  • 4 pcs of 10 cm ribbons
  • 4 pcs of 15 cm ribbons

Now you can keep calm and do your bold experiment with the ribbons configuration!

And some assembly examples

Two cameras at the back side of the mounting plate, 65 mm:

AnyCase 65 mm, cameras back setup

Two cameras, front side, 65 mm:

AnyCase 65 mm setup

120 mm mounting plate:

AnyCase 120mm stereobase setup

25 mm setup:

StereoPi AnyCase 25mm setup

And the 200 mm setup example:

200mm stereobase AnyCase setup


Find more details here: