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Shipping, Forum, and a Wiki

Shipping to Backers

Crowd Supply has started to send parcels out to backers.

  • Crowd Supply StereoPi shipping
StereoPi shipping Crowd Supply 2


When your parcel is on it’s way, you will receive an email notification with the tracking details. Some of you may have already received a tracking number from them. You can also check your order status and information within your Crowd Supply account.


Inevitably after receiving a cool new gadget, questions may arise. This is especially true with crowd-sourced projects. So we set up a space where you can ask your questions, share your projects, and connect with other StereoPi owners.

Let us introduce our fresh-cooked forum:

StereoPi Forum


We’ll do our best to answer your questions!


Also we’d like to remind you that we have a Wiki with some helpful information:

StereoPi Wiki



If you want to track our news in a real-time, you can follow us on Twitter here: @StereoPi!