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Second batch status, CM3+ here again, and 3 new video tutorials

Second batch status

We can now confirm that our second production batch is in the works. This week, the first part of this batch will be shipped from our factory to the USA, and we expect that next week, Crowd Supply will receive units on it’s stock and be able to start shipping to backers shortly afterwards. The second, bigger part of this batch will arrive at the end of July. We hope that this batch will last us a bit longer and solve the “backorder” problem…


  • CM3+ Lite

Better late than never. Basic video guides are here!

We recorded 3 video guides with a detailed “first start” explanation. How to insert Compute Module, why camera ribbon connectors felt in love with GPIO pins, and what you will see on your HDMI screen with the first boot of our S.L.P. or OpenCV Raspbian images.

Building and booting StereoPi with the Raspbian SLP image, plus bonus

Building and booting StereoPi with the Raspbian OpenCV image

Flashing RPi Compute Module’s eMMC via StereoPi