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OpenCV Depth Map Examples Code and Production Status

For all students of OpenCV, we just released our code, ready-to-use Raspbian image, and a simple tutorial. Together, these will take you step-by-step from the first image capture to the final depth map created via real-time video capture.

  • StereoPi OpenCV

The tutorial consists of six steps:

  • Step 1: Capture image
  • Step 2: Capture photos for calibration
  • Step 3: Create set of left and right images
  • Step 4: Calibration
  • Step 5: Depth map parameters tuning
  • Step 6: Depth map created via real-time video capture

Here’s an example of the results after the final step:


You can read a detailed description in our post, and look at our code on GitHub.

Production News

This week, PCBs arrivied at our factory as expected. Here are a couple of the very first samples:


StereoPi PCB 1


StereoPi PCB 2


And here’s what the production process looks like at our factory:


Our army of microSD cards imaged with Raspbian S.L.P. continues to grow:

SLP micro SD for the StereoPi


Short camera cables arrived:

StereoPi short camera cables


Camera support plates arrived (V1/V2 camera version shown here):

StereoPi camera mount plates


Also, Crowd Supply received the Compute Modules and cameras:

StereoPi cameras arrived at CrowdSupply